• What Twitter’s New Algorithm Means For Your Brand
    [February 26, 2016] Twitter’s new algorithm has finally arrived, and it’s changed everything. Well… not really. When news broke on February 5th that Twitter would soon introduce a reordered timeline, with tweets reordered based on what Twitter’s algorithm thinks users want to see, the Internet became apoplectic. The hashtag #RIPTwitter trended for over 24 hours, prompting Twitter CEO […]
  • Pinterest Looks At Pin Trends By Gender
    [January 26, 2016] Pinterest is sharing some pinning trends based on user gender. This follows data they shared last month about search trends by country. “Any guesses on what men vs. women are up to on Pinterest? We looked at trending searches between the sexes so far this year, and found a few surprises and some common ground,” […]
  • What Facebook’s New Customer Service Features Mean for Brands
    [December 16, 2015] Although it may not have made our list of bold predictions for 2016, we have always emphasized that brands need to start seriously investing in social consumer care, and all signs continue to support our findings. This week, Facebook announced more features to enable communications from Pages. These updates are right on the heels of […]
  • Everything You Need to Know About SEO From 12 Stoney deGeyter Quotes
    [November 9, 2015] My husband and I are big fans of Jim Gaffigan and The Jim Gaffigan Show. As a pale, food-loving, Catholic parent, I just relate to him.
  • Still Talking About PageRank
    [October 6, 2015] By all external measures, Google’s PageRank is dead. Google announced that they are no longer providing public PageRank updates. Which means anyone still talking about PageRank as a metric for SEO is focusing on an outdated metric.
  • Follow Buttons Are Now More Customizable With Shareaholic
    [September 10, 2015] Shareaholic, the provider of popular social media buttons for websites, announced some feature updates for its Follow buttons. These include new themes, custom colors, and custom icon ordering.
  • A New Trending News Tab Is Being Tested By Twitter
    [August 6, 2015] Twitter is reportedly testing a new “News” tab in its iOS and Android apps, which appears alongside the notifications tab, and gives users quick access to a section called “Trending News,” which shows news stories directly from publishers.
  • Why Your Business Must Focus on Google Local Listings
    [July 6, 2015] Podcast: Play in new window | Download If you run a business that relies on local customers then you’ve probably come to the conclusion that being found online – even though a purchase may be made offline – is paramount to your success. Marketing Podcast with Mike Blumenthal
  • Facebook Messenger Payments Receives Updated Features
    [June 1, 2015] A couple months ago, Facebook finally announced person-to-person payments in Messenger after months of rumor that the product would get something enabling people to use the app for payments. Still, Facebook said the roll out would be slow and over the coming months.
  • A Fate Worse Than Sharknado Reruns – A Social Media Campaign Without a Strategy
    [May 8, 2015] It seems that everybody is jumping on the social media bandwagon. It’s hot, it’s sexy and it reaches a lot of people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But before you jump into any sort of social media campaign, take a step back and assess your plan. Don’t have one? Then maybe you need […]
  • Link Building: past, present, and future
    [April 10, 2015] The practice of building links is continuously evolving. Link building has gone through some major transformations within just the past few years, and it likely will continue to change moving forward. In an upcoming Biznology webinar aptly named “Link Building: Past, Present, and Future,” some of my colleagues from Page One Power will be discussing how […]
  • Facebook Is Detracting Certain ‘Likes’ From Pages
    [March 10, 2015] Facebook announced that it is making changes to the way Page likes are counted, as it removes memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from Pages’ like counts. In other words, you may soon see your Page’s like count drop a bit.
  • Google Partners With Twitter, Indexing Tweets in Real Time
    [February 5, 2015] Google and Twitter have finally reached a new deal that will see Google indexing tweets in real time, according to a report from Bloomberg (and apparently confirmed by Re/code). The deal hasn’t been formally announced, and the terms are unknown.
  • Tips For Optimizing Your Pinterest SEO
    [January 13, 2015] A lot of website owners and marketers are still trying to crack the Pinterest nut. If Facebook referrals start evaporating, that will no doubt be the case even more. Currently, Pinterest is second behind Facebook for driving website referrals as far as social networks are concerned.
  • Marking eight years of Twitter
    [December 9, 2014] I remember when I first started hearing about Twitter, in the summer of 2006 less than six months after the service started earlier that year. As the year progressed, the name kept popping up in blog posts and comments – what social media was, really, back then – until I decided to see for myself […]
  • Go the Blogging Distance: Planning for the Long Haul
    [November 11, 2014] Blogging isn’t a one-and-done item on your web marketing checklist. It’s a long-term endeavor. In fact, until blogs go the way of web directories, once you start blogging you really cannot stop. Not if you want to maintain the value of all the time and energy you’ve invested thus far.
  • Build Up Your Social Media Influencers With These Tips
    [October 16, 2014] A little later this morning I will be presenting a webinar entitled How to Build Your Influencers in Social Media. It’ll probably be a lot different than you’d expect. In this webinar, I will be discussing all the things you’ll need to do to improve yourself, your position, your reputation, your attachment to and connection […]
  • The New Google Panda Is Here
    [September 30, 2014] September 25, 2014 Google has officially announced Panda 4.1 27th update algorithm that specially designed to filter low quality or thin content from ranking high in the search engines. It started most likely last Tuesday or Wednesday and it will continue this week and beyond week until it is completed. In the Panda 4.1 update […]
  • How to Create Ridiculously Good Content
    [September 12, 2014] Podcast: Play in new window | Download Marketing Podcast with Ann Handley
  • Detrimental SEO Myths Still Plaguing Online Businesses
    [August 14, 2014] In the realm of SEO it’s especially true that certain older tactics and strategies are no longer effective – and in some cases may get you penalized. However, the depletion rate of total SEO tactics and strategies is nowhere near the growth rate of new things to try. That said, there are some myths about […]
  • How to Build the Commodities of Identity and Trust in Social Media
    [July 24, 2014] Depending who you listen to or read in the social media space, the best reason to use social media for your brand varies. It can be for listening; resolving issues; lead generation; focus groups; recruitment; and much, much more.
  • Why it’s easier for B2B to measure content marketing
    [June 20, 2014] This is the seventh in a series of videos culled from an interview about content marketing I did with Terry Foster of Cision Canada. Cision (the USA version) is also a sponsor of Convince & Convert and our Social Pros podcast. (here’s a post I wrote about their nifty content amplification tool).
  • The Unique Benefits Of Different Content Types and Marketing
    [May 20, 2014] There are many content types and tactics for content marketing. Each has it’s place. Each offers unique benefits. Creating original content on an ongoing basis can be a challenge, so most marketers practice the fine art of content repurposing. For example, you could take a long eBook and turn it into 4 blog posts, leverage […]
  • How to engage bloggers down the long tail
    [April 22, 2014] It’s essential for brands to have access to and a relationship with their current customers and clients as well with their fans, natural allies, their topical neighborhood, and their prospective and future clients. In a post-Internet world, this is best handled online, for efficiency’s sake. No matter how obscure your product, service, book, business, or […]
  • Search marketers: Don’t forget to keep an eye on your PPC market visibility
    [April 1, 2014] The most common search marketing question I hear from our telecom clients is: How am I doing against my competition? While it’s easy in the world of PPC to focus on (and incessantly tweak) metrics such as CPC, CTR, and ad rank, another search vital sign to monitor is market visibility. It is essentially a […]